The emotional toll of ministering to a grieving community is enormous.

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Published On: June 19, 2024

Northern United Church ministers are facing a crisis. The number of deaths in northern communities has been immense, and the grief of burying community members, especially young people, has been overwhelming. The emotional toll of ministering to a grieving community is enormous, and ministers are in dire need of rest and renewal.

ministers’ retreat is being planned for October 2024. The retreat will provide rest, training in crisis management, and spiritual renewal, and will allow leaders to return with renewed strength to help those in need. Ministers will participate in a blend of training and respite opportunities, including learning about vicarious trauma and administering Naloxone, and relaxation opportunities through art therapy, beading workshops, and sharing circles.

Through your generous support of Mission and Service, this retreat is on its way to being a reality.

If you would like to support the retreat, please give here. Every dollar donated will be matched by a contribution from the Healing Fund. Thank you.

Hear what northern ministers are experiencing and what they need to keep going:

Listen to Lawrence.

Listen to Grant.

Listen to Olive.