Nearly 23 million Afghans―more than half the population―face potentially life-threatening food shortages.

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Afghan men and boys keep on eye on rows of bundles of food lined up on the ground in front of a wall.
Life-saving food packages distributed in Afghanistan.
Credit: Asian Muslim Action Network
Published On: March 18, 2022

Afghanistan is on the verge of the worst crisis in its history. Even before the Taliban took control of the country last August, Afghans were already struggling with the effects of 40 years of conflict, the worst drought in 27 years, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, with restrictions on international funding put in place to prevent money from falling into the hands of the Taliban, humanitarian assistance was impeded.

The consequences have been devastating. The United Nations estimates that nearly 23 million Afghans―more than half the population―face potentially life-threatening food shortages, with nearly 9 million on the brink of famine. People also lack proper healthcare and are facing unemployment and housing shortages.

Our Mission & Service partner the Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) has been working hard to provide food packages to internally displaced families in Afghanistan during this emergency.

The life-saving packages contain staples like rice, sugar, oil, salt, beans, potatoes, and onions to feed a family for up to two months. So far, 133 families have received the packages, including widows and orphans.

“The most challenging issue was and is the fund transfer to Afghanistan because the banking system of the country is still almost completely frozen,” reports Zineb Naini, AMAN’s international program coordinator. “Nevertheless, we were able to reach these families and, in the future, we hope to reach many more. Recently we obtained a grant that will allow us to distribute food packages to about 400 families.”

Please make a gift through Mission and Service today. In the most difficult circumstances, your generosity helps sustain families and provide much needed hope.

Note: Out of concern for the safety of our partners, we are not able to share all the work the church is doing in Afghanistan.


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