We, as White people, admit to having active participation in racism
   and grasping to power that is destructive.
We commit to unlearning supremacist behaviour
   by searching ourselves, our history, and our actions.
We come before you, ready to work on ourselves
   and humbly ask you to remove our White supremacist ideologies and behaviours.
Through our list making of people we’ve harmed,
   we let the reality of our actions confront and change us.
And may they find their own healing in this broken world.
We commit to a life of mistakes, but of trying our best,
   to doing little harm
   and to being humble when we mess up.
We commit to bringing others along the journey with us.
With you.

—Alana Martin

This prayer was part of 40 Days of Engagement in Anti-Racism, which offers opportunities to delve deeply into anti-racism work. Read the em>stories and sign up for our em>newsletter to learn more.

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