We speak, God of all Creation—
but are they just pretty words?

Words like “right relations” and “reconciliation,”
like “consultation” and “rights-based legislation.”
But, when push came to shove on the unceded lands of the Wet’suwet’en,
actions showed willingness to use
force over conversation—
legalism over discussion—
Settler rules over Indigenous lives.

Open our hearts with truth
to the fact that these actions give lie to our words.
Open our minds with wisdom,
that the leaders of the governments of Canada and British Columbia
would stop the relentless move forward;
that they would stop the destruction,
stop the imposition of will;
and listen to the voices
of the Hereditary Chiefs of the Unist’ot’en and Gidimt’en clans
of the Wet'suwet'en people,
on their unceded territories.

We pray that the officers and constables of the RCMP on those territories
would be filled with the gifts of calmness, of compassion, and of restraint,
that no harm would come to the people,
standing in defence of life and the land.

We pray for peace and understanding in the complexity of conversation
between the Band Chiefs and the Hereditary Chiefs;
but, even more than that,
we pray that our Settler ways
would not use their disagreement
as a way to impose our wants.

O God, we cry to you,
help your peoples.
O God, we cry to you,
help your peoples.
O God, we cry to you,
bless the world
with your love.

In Jesus’ name, I ask these things…

—By the Right Rev. Richard Bott. Moderator Bott encourages the sharing of prayers he posts throughout his term.

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