God, you listen to your people when we are in need
Receive us when we are tired, and grant us rest
Accept us when times are harsh as you accepted Hagar
Rescue us as you did your people from Egypt.
Help us by your great power to continue in our struggles for justice
              the same power that raised Jesus from death at work in our bodies
              raising us out of frustration and weariness
              to proclaim your name and to live your justice.
Be with us in our refusals to be worn out
              in acts of joyful resistance
              in everyday commitments to our own well-being
              and the good of our communities
Help us to experience the fullness of life,
              and to share that life with all in the world.
Through Jesus Christ, who endured struggle and pain
              to make us and the world whole
              who rises to new life
              and who will raise us all to the New Creation.

Mitchell Anderson

This prayer was part of 40 Days of Engagement in Anti-Racism, which offers opportunities to delve deeply into anti-racism work. Read the em>stories and sign up for our em>newsletter to learn more.

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