O God, the season of waiting has begun.
We wait with gratitude for the gift of love at Christmas.
As we strive to find gifts to express our appreciation for those who make our world and lives better
may our gifts have more meaning;
may our gifts share your vision of love in the world.

Giving Tuesday is our opportunity to look beyond the sales flyers and promotional e-mails and see a new way forward, a way for healing and connection.
We live in a world of consuming,
a world where the person with the most toys wins,
and yet, you offer us a way filled with grace.
On this Giving Tuesday, help us to give freely from the heart!
We pray that our gifts will bring hope to the lost, peace to the hungry, love to the lonely, and joy everlasting.
A way where each of us has a piece of your heart to share with others;
a way where we do not win until we give, and in giving our hearts are filled.

O God, may we be able to joyfully share our gifts with many, with the vision of a better tomorrow;
knowing that when we do so, we become like the magi of old, offering our gifts to the refugee child, the child living on the margins, a child born in a stable in Bethlehem. Amen.

—Ruth Noble, Mission & Service Engagement Coordinator

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