(Hand on brow of the deceased loved one) [Name], we did not want you to leave us so soon, but we are glad you are at peace now, glad that you are in our God’s loving care and always will be.

Loving God, bless each family member and friend gathered round this bed, bless every good memory of their time with [name]. Bless the stories remembered, the challenging and good times shared. Enable us to support and cherish each other as we feel [name]’s loss keenly and grieve their death in the deepest places of mind and spirit.

Take us from here without bitterness or fear. Be with us as we celebrate [name]’s life. Be with us in the unbidden memories that arise and the “what could have been” thoughts that come to us.

For [name], the rich and varied experiences of life are over and peace forever is their reality. For us, life with its joys and struggles goes on, but we too look for your peace that passes understanding. We believe, we absolutely believe, that you will grant us that peace. Amen

—By David Sparks, United Church of Canada minister, and Sheila Noyes, former co-president of Dying with Dignity Canada

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