We gather a cloud of witnesses to bless you on your journey. We call to mind the people who are preparing to welcome you to (insert destination). We call to mind the people who daily seek pathways to a just peace (name partners and the context of your ministry trip). We call to mind the people here in Canada—your families, your communities of faith, and the United Church at large—who will journey with you in prayer on your pilgrimage and prepare themselves to receive your stories and calls to action upon return.

Together, we pray.

Creator God,
We ask your blessing on the pilgrims here before us
As they embark on their journey to (insert destination).
May they be blessed with open hearts to receive
all that you have in store for them.
In times of newness and uncertainty, may they feel your presence and be drawn ever closer to you, to each other, and to your call to discipleship.

We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord

—A prayer by People in Partnership that could also be used for Vocation Sunday.

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