Dear crucified Christ, 
it is you we remember and you to whom we pray.

In our liturgy and song, we worship you:
the one who healed the sick and called us to follow. 

You ate at the table of Zacharias the sinner. 
You befriended Mary Magdalene, an outcast of her day. 
You enjoyed socializing, gathering disciples around the table 
with plenty of wine to drink and bread to eat. 

You read the words of Isaiah in the synagogue and 
turned over the money changers’ tables in anger.

You were a threat to the church and the government because you proclaimed
the good news.

You walked with the people who were poor, ate with them, listened to them, 
and loved them until the end.

We ask to have faith as we travel in solidarity with people who are poor. 
We ask to be given strength to feed those of us who are hungry— 
not with the crumbs that fall from rich tables 
but with quality, dignity, equity, and hope.

We pray this day, asking not just what the government must do,
but what does this day of “eradicating poverty” call us, 
the church and followers of you, 
to do and to be.

—The "Lateral Thinkers" (a group in Victoria, BC) wrote this prayer collectively for The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 21): Rev. Keith Howard, Rev. Barry Morris, Rev. Al Tysick, and Rev. Beth Walker

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