Please join the Aboriginal Ministries Circle of The United Church of Canada in prayer as we try to address the systemic racism that continues to be upheld in systems that are meant to protect us. We honour our relatives who have journeyed on, those yet to be born, and those who remain committed to the Seven Grandfather Teachings: love, humility, bravery, truth, honesty, respect, and wisdom.

Constant as water,
the harm of racism pollutes our entire eco-system
attacking every aspect of our lives:
            robbing our basic human rights,
            poisoning our sources of nourishment and growth,
            infecting our history with lies, and
            destroying the land, our collective home.

Sometimes the pollution is so thick that its stench cannot be avoided.

At these times give us the love, humility, and bravery to work with all our relations to clean up the messes caused by White supremacy.

Sometimes the pollution is a persistent and constant contamination. Its familiar foul smell and taste are hard for us to detect, yet can be easy for us to internalize.

At these times heighten our senses and strengthen our spirits so that we can properly identify the poison of White supremacy, and protect those who are most vulnerable to its racist pollution.

Sometimes the pollution is purified by the strong love, deep truths, rooted teachings, and fierce hope of our people and your spirit.

At these times, invite us to drink deeply from this Sacred Water that you have prepared for us. Water that will
            sustain our honesty,
            nourish our spirits,
            restore our souls,
            clarify our struggles,
            feed our communities, and
            bring abundant life.

Some day Creation will return to your design, where all people will know that they are respected, beloved, and equal in value and worth.

Until that time comes, grant us the wisdom, strength, and perseverance to
            recognize racism in all its pervasive forms,
            reject the lie of White supremacy, and
            reclaim the truth that we are all sacred, worthy, and equal
so that all of your children can drink freely from the Sacred Waters.

All My Relations.

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