Ever-present God,
When we are forced to fight the powers of creation for survival,
when the destructive winds rip away our security, and
the raging rains devastate our homelands;
We come to you in prayer,
heartbroken and afraid,
and you remind us that we are not alone.

You comfort those who are suffering,
gathering close those most afflicted.
You mourn the suffering caused by Hurricane Dorian:
the catastrophic damage in Northwestern Bahamas, and
the wake of destruction left in Southeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.
You stir those who are able to offer humanitarian aid,
so that we, your people, can move onward together.

And you teach us that, when the storms of life rage,
Whether we are in the eye of the storm or in milder weather,
We are never alone—because you and your children
Will always be with us, comforting the mourning and mobilizing the helpers.

—A prayer for those affected by Hurricane Dorian

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