Medical teams of the MECC-DSPR “heroes answering the call of duty”

A young child receives treatment in a medical clinic in Rafah
A young child receives treatment in a medical clinic in Rafah
Published On: June 14, 2024

Today, we share this letter from Mission and Service partner, the Middle East Council of Churches-Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (MECC-DSPR), who write a moving description of the dedication and heroism of their medical teams. Many members of the teams have had to flee from their homes with their families, and their minds are occupied by worry for their loved ones. Yet they continue their work. 

This is a plea for us to amplify their voices—louder, stronger, and more often. 

Screams from under fire

June 12, 2024

Amid these horrific massacres in Gaza, the medical teams of the MECC-DSPR are working under fire as true heroes and beyond. Day and night, they continue their work, forced to flee with their families under the constant Israeli airstrikes and artillery shells. Reaching the most marginalized areas, they set up their simple tents, seeking refuge from the unbearable heat. With legendary dedication, they organize their teams and treat starving children, exhausted women, and survivors of the nonstop bombardment.

Despite their own exhaustion, limited resources, and harsh working conditions, their thoughts constantly occupied with the safety of their loved ones, they remain steadfast. These heroes are overwhelmed by scenes of destruction, spread of famine, multiple widespread diseases, and the disappointment with a global system that witnesses their genocide in silence. Even as the values of peace, justice, mercy, and human rights collapse around them, the heroes of the MECC-DSPR rise like standing mountains, answering the call of duty.

With love and care they receive the overwhelming numbers of people in their medical and mobile clinics, they dress wounds, diagnose illnesses, prescribe and distribute medication and nutrients to the best of their ability, tirelessly and without complaint they offer psychosocial support and health awareness. They do all this and more without seeing an end to the colonial madness. Their resilience, courage, and selflessness in the face of overwhelming pain are extraordinary. They remind us of the miraculous patience of Prophet Job, the pain of Saint Stephen and the faith of Prophet Daniel.

They are crying justice and peace, they need your prayers for their safety, the safety of their families and communities, and their resilience, so they can continue to wipe the tears from the eyes of the tortured, the sick, the hungry, and the forgotten in this brutal era.

Raise your voices to stop this insane war unconditionally. Break your silence and shake the thrones of the criminals who call for the continuation of this genocide.

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear” – Matthew 11:15 

Your support makes a difference. Please continue to pray, act, and give

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