Partner Council Members Annie Namala and Horacio Mesones, with Patti Talbot
Partner Council Members Annie Namala (left) and Horacio Mesones, with Patti Talbot
Credit: The United Church of Canada
Published On: October 20, 2023

From October 20 – 26, The United Church of Canada Partner Council is gathering in Canada for the first in-person session since 2018.

The thematic focus of the 2023 Partner Council Gathering is “Partner Accompaniment of The Call and Vision”. Patti Talbot, Team Leader for the Global Partnership Program, reflects, “The gathering is a gift from partners of critical presence and accompaniment with the United Church, a time to reflect and learn together.” The Partner Council ensures that the voices of global partners are represented in our governance structures, providing advice and feedback to the church from a global perspective.

On October 21, Partner Council members will attend the General Council 44 Annual Meeting. During regional visits to First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council and Conseil régional Nakonha:ka Regional Council, members will see first-hand how The United Church of Canada is living into its Call to Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, and Daring Justice. They are looking forward to engaging with ministers, lay leaders, communities of faith, and community ministries.

At the conclusion of their visit, the Partner Council will share a message for the whole church through the General Council Executive, reflecting their experience and observations on what is and what could be to accompany and move the church forward in our call from their unique global perspectives.

Partner council members (2023–2025 term) include:

  • Samer Laham, Director of Emergency Response Services, Middle East Council of Churches
  • Marcelo Leites*, General Secretary, World Christian Student Fellowship
  • Annie Namala, Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation (India)
  • Kangwa Mabuluki*, General Secretary, All Africa Theological Education by Extension Association
  • Horacio Mesones, Centro Regional Ecuménico de Asesoría y Servicio (Argentina)

*Participating remotely due to visa issues.

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