“We have crossed the Pacific Ocean and worked for peace in the Korean Peninsula together.”

Korean Partners of The United Church of Canada recognize the participation of the church in the Korea Peace Appeal 10,000 Signature Campaign.
Published On: January 26, 2023

In this video message, Ms. Sooyoung Hwang of the Korea Peace Appeal Campaign and the Rev. Kipyung Nam of Mission & Service partner the National Council of Churches in Korea share the significance of United Church and Canadian participation in this global campaign.

Since its launch one year ago, The United Church of Canada’s 10,000 Signature Korea Peace Appeal has collected nearly 3,000 signatures from coast to coast to coast. Globally, 142,614 people have signed the Korea Peace Appeal, the campaign bringing together the peace-making efforts of 370 Korean civil society organizations and 74 international partner organizations. Highlights of actions in 2022 are captured by Korean campaign organizers in the video Journey for Peace in 2022.

The year 2023 will mark the culmination of the Korea Peace Appeal, with plans for peace rallies in Korea and around the world on and around July 22—the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War Armistice. Advocacy to end the Korean War and replace the Armistice with a Peace Treaty will continue until the planned presentation of all signatures in September to the United Nations Secretary-General, President of the UN General Assembly, and UN representatives of the governments of the Republic of Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the United States of America, and the People’s Republic of China.

Deep gratitude to all who have taken leadership in the 10,000 Signature Korea Peace Appeal, with special mention to the Korea Peace Appeal Champions (listed below), numerous communities of faith, and the Korean Network of The United Church of Canada. With partners and with all who seek peace with justice in Korea and north east Asia we say: “70 Years is enough! End the Korean War now!”

Sign the Korea Peace Appeal today. Share it with others. #UCCanKoreaPeaceAppeal
E-mail  justice@united-church.ca  to become a Korea Peace Appeal Champion.

Korea Peace Appeal Champions

Very Rev. Dr. Richard Bott
Rev. Dr. Kyongja (Kay) Cho
Rev. SunDo Hyun, Korean United Church Network
Rev. YoonOk Shin, Korean United Church Network
Hannah Kim-Cragg, Richmond Hill United Church, O
Thea Sheridan-Jonah, St. Paul’s United Church, ON (studying at UBC)
Rev. Catherine Christie, Abbey-Lancer-Portreeve Pastoral Charge, SK
Sandy Hwang, Vancouver School of Theology,BC
Treena Duncan, Executive Minister, Pacific Mountain Region, BC
Rev. Cari Copeman-Hayes, Past President (BC Conference), BC
David Lim, WEUC and Korean Community in Toronto, ON
Ken Dean, Aldergrove United Church, BC
Kaitlyn Ostrander, Arden Pastoral Charge, ON
Min-Goo Kang, Fort Garry United Church, MB
Nam Cho, East Central Ontario, ON
Tina Conlon, Davenport Perth Community Ministry, ON
Diane Matheson-Jimenez, Horseshoe Falls, Western Ontario Waterways, Antler River Watershed, ON
Kathy Douglas, Horseshoe Falls, Western Ontario Waterways, Antler River Watershed, ON
Patti Talbot, United Church General Council staff, ON
Lori Neale, United Church General Council staff, ON
Scott Kell, Thorndale United Church and Camp Bimini, ON
YongSeok Baek, St. David’s-Queenston United Church, ON
Sung Ran Kim, Countryside United Church, ON
Ha Na Park, Immanuel United Church, Winnipeg, MB
Amy Yea Kyong Lee, Davenport Perth United Church and Co-Chair United Church Korean Network
Nam Ok Yoo, Willingdon Heights United Church, BC
Andrew Lee, York United Ministries, ON
John Egger, United Church Mission Co-Worker with PROK in Seoul, Korea
Hae-Bin Jung, Alpha Korean United Church, ON
Lyall Campbell, St. Andrew’s United Church, Outlook, SK
Lark Kim, ON
Emo Yango, United Church General Council Staff, ON
Rev. Mi Yeon Kim, For Macleod-Granum Pastoral Charge, AB 
Rev. David Kim-Cragg, St. Matthew’s United Church, ON 
Pastor Peter Noteboom, General Secretary, Canadian Council of Churches 
Rev. Susan C. Johnson, National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Archbishop Linda Nicholls, Primate, Anglican Church of Canada 
Jeanette Hanson, Director, International Witness, Mennonite Church Canada 
Rev. Dr. Daniel Scott, Moderator of the 146th General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Canada 
Aisha Francis, Executive Director, KAIROS Canada 
Lynn Newberry, British Columbia
Lynn Walker, Milford Lantz United Church, NS
Kathie Smith, St. Andrew’s United Church, Sturgeon Falls, ON
Rev. Melanie Kauppila, Altona United Church, MB
Curtis Marwood, ON
Rev Robin Murray, Castlegar United Church, BC
Theresa Beninger, Seguin Pioneer United Church, ON
Rev. Emma Seamone, Carberry United Church, MB
Rev. Maggie Dieter, Zion United Church, ON
Trillium United Church, St. Catharines, ON
Silver Spire United Church, St. Catharines, ON
Grace United Church, Meadowlake, SK

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