Grants for congregations to keep their church buildings in functional and safe condition

The Church or Manse Modernization and Improvement programs are used to assist congregations in keeping their church buildings in functional and safe condition.

If your project depends on a successful application, you are strongly advised not to sign contracts, begin construction/renovation, or make final commitments until the decision of the Financial Support Group (FSG) has been communicated by your regional council office.

The application form, CA 4A, can be found below. Please submit all applications to your regional council office.

Scope and Policy

  1. Each congregation of a pastoral charge can apply for a matching grant of up to $5,000 (minimum is $500). A grant may be provided to a congregation on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis within any six-year period for pastoral charges with an annual income of up to $150,000 and unrestricted reserve funds of less than $37,500.
  2. To qualify for the Manse Improvement Grant, a manse should be occupied by the minister. Work that is in preparation for the arrival of a new minister is also eligible.
  3. Applications are to be submitted and approved before work begins except in emergency situations.
  4. Where the cost of the project is considerably in excess of $10,000, application may be made for a loan toward the balance from the Capital Assistance Fund. The Capital Assistance Loan will be based on the total cost of the project less the total approved amount of the Church Modernization and Improvement Grant and the matching dollars from the pastoral charge.
  5. After approval, only one cheque will be issued per grant request. Ensure that all work has been completed and all invoices are submitted together to the Financial Support Group (FSG). The cheque will be made payable to the name (and address) shown on the Charitable Status printout included with your application. The cheque will be forwarded to the regional council.
  6. Application requirements
    • balance sheet and operating statement for the previous year
    • projected statement of operations for the current year
    • detailed description of the project for which funds are requested, including appropriate plans and drawings.
    • quotes and/or estimates
    • charitable status printout