How to apply for capital assistance funding

All applications for loans and grants require the approval of appropriate partners at the regional council office. When major projects such as substantial building renovations or new facilities are contemplated, it is wise to also consult directly with both regional and CIM staff.

Your regional council office will help you

  • if you need clarification or interpretation of Capital Assistance policies
  • if you need paper copies of the application forms
  • to determine to whom and when your application should be sent for presbytery review

Completed, duly approved applications are sent to the Financial Support Group (FSG) at the General Council Office. FSG generally meets monthly and makes decisions on all completed applications in accordance with policy guidelines. You can find application forms on their respective Capital Assistance webpages. All the forms are also listed in the Capital Assistance section of the Forms page.

Please refer to the Financial Resources Handbook below, page 16, for "Key Points for an Application."

Applications may be submitted to the Financial Support Group (FSG) at any time during the year. The FSG refers to the Mission through Finance (MtF) Advisory Group any CDF loan applications and capital assistance requests that fall outside of policy.

Any capital project is an opportunity to rethink ministry. It is also an opportunity to challenge dormant or inactive members to renew their participation in the life and ministry of the congregation and God's mission in the world. The policies for these programs reflect a desire to share the resources of the church and to prevent the burden of excessive debt from stifling mission. Your feedback is welcome. Many recent changes to the program have been made in response to feedback received.