Collaborating to Mend Church and World

Strategic Objective: Make meaningful collective progress on Indigenous justice, racial equity, and Two Spirit or LGBTQIA+ rights both in the church and world, while demonstrably deepening bold effective solidarity on other justice issues, through ecumenical collaboration and denominational networking.

Being clear about our identity and unique public witness requires bold action on social justice commitments. Priority justice activities include:

GC Proposal Number(s)

Priority Activities



Deepen understanding and action on the ongoing colonial injustices identified in the TRC Calls to Action and MMIWG Calls to Justice, contributing to advocacy on TRC 1-6, as well as on Calls to Action directed to the Churches and Parties to the Settlement Agreement.


Drawing from experience, develop theology, policy, educational resources, and strategies to return resources, real estate and artifacts taken from Indigenous and racialized communities or provide appropriate compensation.

Awaiting Activation

Support the relational, funding, and archival work related to Bringing the Children Home and develop further specific responses to denomination's colonial legacy as discerned to be appropriate.


Following the lead of affected communities and developing trust/mutuality, contribute to increased access and equity in housing for racialized communities.

Awaiting Activation

Develop and implement educational strategy that deepens understanding of the diverse impacts of colonialism, White supremacy, and racism in our church.


Develop a change strategy to move from awareness to ownership and action, that leads to rejecting the power and privilege that comes from Whiteness, and restoring right relationship.

  Increase the shift from white Euro-centric male dominant theology, encourage existing and new theologies that promote multiple marginalized identities and intercultural practices, and develop relevant accessible theological resources.
  Develop an engaging campaign that increases the support of the Canadian government to 2S-LGBTQIA+ refugees in Canada and globally.
Awaiting Activation
GCE03 Develop a principles-based approach to social justice in the United Church.
  With the theme human flourishing, support the Moderator in hosting cross sectoral change making conversations on “things that matter” that result in deep dialogue and bold commitments, while broadening engagement of the Moderator’s office within and beyond the church.

*Progress is determined from percentage completion of planned key results in a given quarter.

For questions on the Strategic Plan, or for a summary of all 2023 Operational Plan Activities, contact .

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