Program and worship ideas for children can be used in Sunday school, midweek groups, vacation Bible school, and more.

For Christian camp curriculum, see InsideOut (published by Chalice Press).

Worship Ideas

2017 Children's Sunday: In God's Own Image (29.2 KB): A worship service celebrating the Churches' Commitments to Children.
Bread Not Stones Worship Service (27.61 KB): Taking Action to End Child Poverty
Children's Sunday 2019: It's Not Fair (48.08 KB): A service about child detention around the world that lifts up the rights of children.
Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places (32.43 KB): The service of worship for Children's Sunday invites us to remember the gift of play as part of our innate spirituality.
Five Stewardship Learning Together Moments (36.14 KB): Reflections for Children’s Time or Learning Together, by Amy Crawford.
Living with Respect for Children (147.04 KB): This worship service on "Living in Right Relationship" invites all ages to live in respectful relationship with all people and nature.


Prayer for Back to School (20.06 KB): A prayer from the Moderator for back to school or return to learning from home.

Related Material

A New Creed Children's Program (169.85 KB): This four-session Sunday school series (with the option of session 2 being used for up to seven weeks) acquaints children with A New Creed.
Have a Heart Day 2020: Sunday School Activity (151.05 KB): An activity to do with the children in your community of faith between January 26 and February 9 to mark a different kind of Valentine’s Day: Have a Heart Day.
Religion in Life, Stages 1-5 (796.25 KB): This resource will assist faith community leaders in preparing youth to receive the Religion in Life Award in Scouts and Guides.
With Respect in Creation (126.13 KB): A five-session Sunday school series that invites children to learn more about what is happening to God’s creation and how to take action as people of faith.