Bedford United Church lives out the church's Call and Vision through intercultural engagements.

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Published On: March 21, 2023

The new strategic plan of The United Church of Canada aspires to live out bold discipleship, daring justice, and deep spirituality. There are also six objective streams in this Vision and Call of the church.  

One of these is the Growth Objective stream. It is focused on three particular goals: (1) growth activities among existing communities of faith; (2) growth activities among marginalized sectors to create new communities of faith; and (3) effective communication to the public of the spiritual vision of The United Church of Canada.

This is not to say, though, that growth hasn’t been happening in the United Church. Welcome to Bedford United Church (Bedford, Nova Scotia) as they live out the United Church's "Our Call and Our Vision" through intercultural engagements.

"Not only is our church literally built on the bedrock of the Bedford Basin, but our values are too. At Bedford United Church, we value community that emerges out of respect, deep listening, openness, compassion, generosity, and a spirit of joy and fun. We value deep openness to the presence of God’s Spirit and the fostering of experiences that empower our awareness and connection with God’s Spirit. We invite you to hear about how our values shape our intercultural journey and witness, as we hope to listen for your stories too. Through our constantly evolving relationship with our friends at Al Rasoul Islamic Center and Blooming Church, we aspire to step into an intercultural future, whose promise continues to shine bold ways of being together in love and justice."  

— Rev. Matt Fillier, Lead Minister at Bedford United Church

In this video, this community of faith invites us to hear their stories on how they are engaging in bold discipleship, daring justice, and deep spirituality.