Mission & Service partners have been working hard to respond to the emergency.

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Two women in Haiti unload filled bags from the back of a pickup truck
Credit: Thomas Noreille/ACT
Published On: December 1, 2021

Last August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Haiti. This disaster killed at least 2,248 people and injured more than 12,700. It destroyed buildings and infrastructure, impacting hundreds of thousands of people. Days later, Tropical Storm Grace compounded the situation, bringing heavy rains that triggered mudslides. Since the earthquake, a severe fuel shortage, growing insecurity, and increasing water shortages have hampered efforts to restore basic services to thousands in need across the country.

In the five months since the earthquake struck, Mission & Service partners have been working hard to respond to the emergency. Through them, your generous gifts to the Haiti Emergency Appeal is helping people rebuild their lives.

Your support has provided

  • medical supplies and first aid kits
  • water treatment tablets
  • temporary shelters
  • food packages of rice, beans, and cooking oil
  • tools, seeds, and livestock for families and farmers
  • hygienic sanitation services
  • access to safe water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene
  • rehabilitated or reconstructed earthquake- and hurricane-resistant houses
  • pyschological support

This list consists mostly of things. Imagine their impact on people―on families like yours!

Imagine what it means when your life has been turned upside down to have a place to turn to for a meal, somewhere to lay your head, and later to have support to rebuild your home and someone in your life to talk to about what you have been through.

This is the difference your generosity makes.

Thank you for caring.