Learn what the United Church and our ecumenical partners are doing around anti-racism work, and how you might be engaged.

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Anti-Racism Video Series

The United Church is releasing a video series on becoming an anti-racist church. The series, available on YouTube, will feature four United Church leaders. One video explores the realities of being a church that is rooted in racism, while rel="noopener" target="_blank">another focuses on theology and faith. Additional videos will become available; accompanying study questions will also follow.

Policies and Background Documents

The United Church has a number of policies and background documents on anti-racism:

Ongoing United Church Work

Learn more about United Church racialjustice training and our work on reconciliationand Indigenous justiceinterfaithrelations, and interculturalism/a>.

Ecumenical Partners

For More Information

Adele Halliday
Anti-Racism and Equity Lead
416-231-7680 x2756
1-800-268-3781 x2756