A Whisper of Hope in Advent's Night

In the hush of Advent's night, a whisper through the trees,
A world in waiting, breath held tight, in hope's gentle breeze.
A candle flickers, soft and bright, amidst the winter's freeze,
A symbol of our steadfast fight, against the raging seas.

For in our hearts, a flame does burn, with hope as its fuel,
Against the tide of denial's turn, our resolve stands cruel.
In COP's halls, where minds discern, and strategies unspool,
A planet's plea, they must learn, in this crucial Yuletide school.

As glaciers weep, and forests sigh, under starlit skies,
Our spirits soar, refuse to die, where the eagle flies.
For each small step, a giant leap, beneath the moon's wise eyes,
In hope, we sow, in love, we reap, as the old year dies.

So let this Advent's message be, of hope, not of despair,
A world united, bold and free, with enough to share.
From polar ice to coral sea, in this sacred air,
We dream, we act, with hearts akey, a future bright and fair.

For in the hush of Advent's night, hope whispers, clear and true,
A beacon in the darkest plight, guiding me and you.
In every candle's gentle light, in every drop of dew,
Lies the power of our united might, to start the world anew.

- Shane Goldie
(Member of The United Church of Canada delegation to COP28.)

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