She who is, is our hope, 
we shall not let go of. 
She makes us seek liberation for all; 
She leads us towards reconciliation; 
She restores our broken communities. 
She takes us to places of horror, 
              so that we can better proclaim the gospel of peace for her sake. 
As we travel through oppression, violence, and fear
We will continue to seek an end to gender inequalities and gender-based violence
For she is with us; 
              her kin-dom of justice, peace, and dignity for all, 
              comforts and guides us. 
She prepares tables of dialogue, 
and opportunities for truth-telling around us; 
She opens the hearts of hurting people, 
We witness to small signs of hope!
Surely we will continue to seek justice and resist evil, 
All the days of our lives; 
until all women, girls, children and gender-minorities are able to live abundantly. 

—Alydia Smith