Steadfast God,
As we witness to the horrors and heartbreak in Israel and Palestine, we seek your comfort and strength, your shelter and hope, your peace and your blessings.

Bless all those who continually attempt to live your teachings of compassion and reconciliation
through humanitarian aid and advocacy for those most affected by the atrocities of war.
These actions are green leaves on a weakening tree, clear signs of hope, even as fear, death, and grief overwhelm.

Bless all those who mourn, whose heartbreak and sorrow are too deep for words. In their despair may your unshakeable roots protect and hold them in love. And provide us all with the strength to yearn “more than those who watch for morning” for a time when peace prevails globally and in the Middle East.

Bless all who prayerfully seek a peace that leads toward abundant life for all people. Help those of us more removed from the direct conflict to care for and support those of us who are most affected in the Middle East and in our local communities. May we  honestly wrestle with our complex emotions, biases, and limited information so that we can work with others toward peace-building that is guided by justice, compassion, and mercy. Together, may we anticipate a time when Israel and Palestine will be a symbol of justice, peace, and liberation for all.

Like an olive tree planted by water,
sending out its roots by the stream,
may our commitment toward a just peace in Israel and Palestine never falter,
     may our hope not be uprooted,
     may our actions bear good fruit,
     may our love be steadfast.

Until freedom and justice for all comes,
may it be so.

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