Creating God, 
You have planted in our hearts a dream for a world where there is; 
              Peace and prosperity
              Love and liberation
              Hope and health
              Equality and education
in abundance, 
for all people.

Within creation, you have gifted us with all that we need for this dream to flourish. 

As the womb of the earth nourishes seeds, 
may we accept your nourishing teachings of loving justices, and may we continually learn from people of good will who fight for the human rights and dignity of all. 
As the sun provides energy, leading seeds to transformation, 
may we courageously accept the gift of new life that we experience through Jesus, and all those who faithfully challenge systems and structures that oppress. 
As water refreshes and replenishes growing seedlings, 
may we accept the restorative and corrective guidance of the spirit and take our lead always from those who are most impacted by the brokenness of our world. 

In times of drought, 
when we feel far removed from your dream and our shared goal for a better world, 
protect us from harmful attitudes and actions that may secure our well-being at the cost of others, 
and lead us again and again towards abundant life for all people. 

—Alydia Smith