Holy God,

We give thanks for the great cloud of witnesses:
 people whose lives we honour and cherish,
  people who have taught us how to live as best we can;
We give thanks for the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
 who is now gathered among the faithful who go before us.

May you bless and keep all who love and who will miss Queen Elizabeth.

We pray especially for the Royal Family,
 all who held her closely in their hearts,
 and all who will shepherd nations of people in the grieving process.

May you bless and keep the Commonwealth,
 and all who wrestle with the complexities of the monarchy and what Queen Elizabeth represents.

We pray especially for those who continue to unpack the legacies of colonialism
 as we work towards right relations and reconciliation.

We bring all this to you,
 while giving thanks for the life of Queen Elizabeth,
 and while celebrating your sovereignty over our hearts.