As we celebrate this Asian Heritage Month,
receive our thanksgiving,
O God, for the abundance of diverse cultures from Asia even in this land we call Canada.
We pray for those who have come from various places in Asia,
      that they may be accepted and
      the values they contributed to different Canadian communities will be honoured.
May we learn from one another and grow in respect and understanding.
We pray, O God,
      for your guidance and strength as we face the challenges of racial discrimination
      that affects the diverse Asian communities in this country and other parts of the world.
May we be one in building a colourful and just society,
      where all peoples are honoured and respected.
We also ask your Spirit for the healing of the wounds of those who experienced hatred and violence.
May they find support and shelter in their communities they deem safe.
We ask for your blessing for those who continue to build connections between different cultures and communities.
And may their efforts, O God, contribute richly toward harmony, compassion and justice.
In this celebration month,
may we learn from one another,
grow and continue to celebrate our contribution as Asian-descent peoples in this country. Amen.

Rev. Ronnie Magno. Originally from Cebu Conference Inc., of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, the Rev. Magno currently serves at Grace-St. Andrew’s United Church in Arnprior, ON.

For the original version of this prayer in Bisaya (also known as Cebuano or Cebua), see our worship resources for Asian Heritage Month.