Logo of the United Church call and vision statement: a three-petal flower in gold, navy, and red with the words Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice in a circle around it.
Credit: The United Church of Canada

One: God, we’ve come thirsty―thirsty for your Spirit.

All: Living water, bubble up from inside us and lead us toward deep spirituality.

One: God, we’ve come hungry―hungry for community.

All: Bread of life, feed our spirits, and lead us toward bold discipleship in community.

One: God, we’ve come searching―searching for wholeness.

All: Source of Life, guide us, and lead us toward daring justice.

One. God, feed, nourish, and prepare us to be your church in the world.

All: Amen.

―Alydia Smith and Teresa Burnett-Cole