The Role

A sacraments elder is a full member of a community of faith who has been licensed by the regional council to administer the sacraments within their community of faith, which is without a settled or appointed member of the order of ministry or designated lay minister. When a congregation is in need, it may identify and invite those who have gifts and interests for becoming a sacraments elder.

Policies and Procedures

Some congregations do not regularly celebrate the sacraments because no licensed minister is available to preside. The policy and procedures for sacraments elders are one way of ensuring that each congregation can celebrate its sacramental life: by licensing lay members of the United Church to administer the sacraments within their own congregation.

The policy and procedures for sacrament elders are found in the Sacraments Elders resource, available under Downloads, below.


Study programs are offered by regions.

Please contact your regional office to find out which course of study they recommend you attend for licensing.