Congregational Designated Ministers

A congregational designated minister (CDM) is a baptized lay person employed by a community of faith in a specific ministry position designated by the regional council as accountable to the governing body of the community of faith. Their work encompasses one or more specific areas of the community of faith's ministry and mission. Examples includes youth ministry, parish nurse or adult educator. What distinguishes a CDM position from a designated lay ministry (DLM) position is that the position responsibilities do not extend to the wider church.

A CDM has gifts, competencies, and experience related to the specific areas of ministry work required in the position description. Generally speaking, there is no specific required education for CDM positions. To learn more about the role and training for CDMs, please read the Congregational Designated Ministers resource, available under Downloads below.

Music Ministry

Through word, music, art, and sacrament, in community and in solitude, God changes our lives, our relationships, and our world. We sing with trust.
A Song of Faith

The United Church highly values the importance and gift of music as a ministry for sharing the gospel message, as well as uniting us in worship. We uphold our musicians, be they singers, organists, bass players, drummers, pianists, violists, and many others, as an integral part of our worship and leadership.

For events, news, or job postings, please check out Music United. You can also visit Music United's public Facebook group.

Youth Ministry

Taking young people seriously is essential to the journey toward wholeness in the church. Each person, at whatever age, will have gifts and needs within the community. The integration of children and youth into the church is an important part in the journey toward the wholeness God intends for the church. Offering leadership and ministry to youth and young adults in our communities is a crucial ministry that the church celebrates.

If you are looking try or start a new youth ministry program, please check out the Vision Fund for some great opportunities! Youth Ministry Training Programs are offered at the Atlantic School of Theology. Please also read the Code of Ethics for Youth Ministry under Downloads below.

Parish Nursing

Parish nursing is a health ministry of faith communities that emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Rooted in the vision of Christ as Healer, this ministry grows out of the belief that all faith communities are places of health and healing and have a role in promoting wholeness through the integration of faith and health.

For more information, visit the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry.

Parish nurse positions in United Church communities of faith are guided by the congregational designated ministers policies and procedures, found under Downloads, below.