A group plan available to United Church employees, pensioners, and dependants residing in the same household

The United Church of Canada Group Home and Auto Insurance Program is offered by HUB International and underwritten by Waterloo Insurance Company.

HUB is one of the largest brokerages in Canada. The company provides a broad array of property and casualty, life and health, employee benefits, reinsurance, investment, and risk management products and services. They have access to over 27 companies, allowing them to compare rates and coverage for multiple companies at the same time.

This program is available to all United Church employees, active pension plan members, pensioners and dependents residing in the same household. United Church members are eligible for group discounts through Waterloo.


  • 10% discount on home insurance and 15% discount on auto insurance
  • Other discounts available in addition to the group discount, i.e., multi-vehicle, multi-line, etc.
  • No interest or service charges/fees for monthly payment plans
  • Convenient payment plans with a variety of payment options
  • Inter-company discounts available between member companies Economical and Perth Insurance
  • Licensed insurance advisors provide professional insurance counselling

When you call, be sure to mention you are a member of The United Church of Canada to receive your exclusive rates!

Driving Record Protection Feature (DRP)

Protect your preferred driving record in the event of a first at-fault accident. For a nominal premium, experienced drivers with accident-free driving records can add DRP to their auto policy. DRP ensures you maintain your preferred rating even after a first at-fault loss. DRP is not to be confused with standard "forgiveness" rules offered by insurers. Call Hub for more information!

Identity Theft Protection

Maximize your protection in the event your credit cards or other personal documents are stolen. Call Hub for more information.

Maximum Discounting

Ask your Hub Insurance Advisor about the many discounts available to you. Placing your home and auto insurance with the same insurer results in greater savings!

Professional Insurance Counselling

Hub represents the client. Your best interests will be held at all times. In the event of a loss, claims counselling will be provided before any notice of loss goes to the insurer. Hub will determine whether

  • the specified loss is covered
  • you need to pay a deductible or not
  • there will be any possible repercussions by reporting a claim (e.g., increased rate on renewal, loss of claims-free discount)

Inter-company Discounts

Waterloo (and Perth) is a member company of the Economical Insurance Group. Sometimes, due to claims or conviction history, an individual may not qualify for Waterloo (or an alternate standard market) and will need to be placed with Perth.

For example: If a person is insured with Waterloo and his or her spouse is with Perth, multi-vehicle discounts will still apply.

How to Get a No-Obligation Quote

  • Residents of Ontario: 1-877-582-5817 (HUB International)
  • Residents of Quebec: 1-888-542-4811 (Waterloo National Call Centre)
  • All other provinces: 1-866-247-7700 (Waterloo National Call Centre)

As a member of the United Church you may be eligible for a discount on your boat, home, auto, and cottage insurance! Contact HUB International for a no-obligation quote! When you call, be sure to mention you are a member of The United Church of Canada to receive your exclusive rates!