All United Churches have Directors and Officers Liability Insurance coverage at no cost to them.

ALL United Church congregations have Directors and Officers Liability Insurance coverage on a NO COST basis, as this policy is fully paid for by the National Office. This coverage is renewed annually every December 1. The Executive of the General Council expanded the existing Corporate D&O Insurance Program to include all congregations effective December 1, 2010, resulting in consistent comprehensive protection ($10 million per claim/$25 million annual aggregate limit).

What Is D&O Liability Insurance?

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects directors and officers—including employees, trustees, volunteers, or committee members and any other person acting on behalf of the church or at the direction of an officer or board of directors of the church—for their personal liability arising out of actual or alleged negligence, errors, misstatements, or breach of duty in their oversight responsibilities.

Key exposures include

  • liability arising from wrongful dismissal
  • employment practices
  • contractual obligations
  • the general safety and well-being of church employees and members

Even if a third-party claim is completely groundless, defence costs can be substantial.

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Why This Coverage Is Important 

The United Church of Canada has been concerned that many churches have either not carried insurance for their directors and officers or purchased coverage that is not broad enough in scope.

The efforts of staff and volunteers are most appreciated, and it is inappropriate for anyone to be subject to potential personal liability without adequate insurance protection.

Recognizing the financial challenges that we all face in today's environment, we have decided to use surplus funds generated within the national church program's self-insurance structure to pay the premium for this insurance.


If you wish to discuss this direction with the General Council Office, please contact:

Erik Mathiesen
Executive Officer, Finance
416-231-7680 x4022
1-800-268-3781 x4022

Maria Pimpinella
Program Assistant Finance
416-231-7680 x4147
1-800-268-3781 x4147