The United Church is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all staff and volunteers, and has policies in place to that effect. The following information is intended to assist all of our ministries in achieving this goal. Wherever a paid employee exists, there is an obligation to meet the provincial or territorial regulations related to health and safety.

In addition to the general health and safety policy and program, every ministry should be conducting regular inspections. The checklists below can be adapted and used to do regular inspections.

Camp Safety

Are you

  • a camper who is now a counsellor?
  • a board member who wants to know more about camp safety?
  • a leader in a congregation or other ministry who is about to embark on a retreat with youth, adults, or seniors and wants to ensure the experience is a positive one?

The Camp Safety DVD and accompanying information booklet is a starting point for understanding and managing the safety issues, and includes links for more detailed information. The Camp Safety DVD (including information booklet) is also available to order from UCRDstore.

The three short videos on the DVD are available on YouTube. Click on the We Are Camp playlist for all three: General Safety, Waterfront, and Emergency Search. The information booklet provides more information and links to other resources.

Waterfront Safety

If you are involved in programs that involve waterfront, especially boating, the Canadian Safe Boating Council's Smartboater website may be valuable. This site includes free downloadable educational videos and other resources.


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General Health and Safety Information for All Ministries 39.43 KB PDF
Health and Safety Acts and Regulations 42.28 KB PDF
Sample Health and Safety Policy 112.59 KB application/rtf
Health and Safety Program Guidelines 25.71 KB PDF
Church Safety Checklist 482.24 KB PDF
Self-Inspection Premises Checklist 50.31 KB PDF
Workplace Risk Assessment Checklist 99.78 KB PDF
Workplace Assessment Questionnaire sample 39.34 KB PDF
Bill 168: What Do We Do Now? 35.73 KB PDF
Camp Safety Information Booklet 184.26 KB PDF
Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence Prevention and Response Policy 239.78 KB PDF