Salary Schedule

The Minimum Salary and Reimbursements for Ministry Personnel document is updated annually. Consult the download below for the figures that are relevant to your situation.

  • New calls and new appointments, where a manse is not provided, must be administered according to the new compensation model for ministry personnel.
  • A Clergy Residence Deduction may be claimed when you file your personal income tax, or you may take steps to reduce the income tax deducted at source. Review your options regarding the Clergy Residence Deduction.
  • Employment policies for ministry personnel are governed by The Manual of The United Church of Canada. Questions on human resources matters may be directed to .

For salary schedules for employees of the General Council and regional council offices, please visit Human Resources.

Cost of Living Group Assignments - Effective July 1, 2023

The current cost of living assignments (effective July 1, 2023) are available by visiting the COL group map. To access the cost of living groups, either zoom in on your area or search by pastoral charge name/postal code in the search bar.

Salaries for ministry personnel serving in locations where the regional COL group assignment has been adjusted down will maintain their current salary as per the terms of the appointment or call. This includes those whose appointments renew. Ministry personnel serving locations where the COL group has been adjusted up will receive an adjusted salary starting in July 2023, according to the figures in the 2023 Minimum Salary and Reimbursements for Ministry Personnel (rev.)