GCO Payroll Client Service Team

The Payroll Client Service Team at the General Council Office is a team of professionals who are here to provide support and assistance with any payroll-related questions or concerns you may have. They can assist you with a variety of transactions, such as partial payments, year-to-date adjustments, salary changes, and how to interpret your payroll reports.

The GCO payroll service team works in collaboration with ADP Payroll Service provider to ensure your payroll is processed effectively and meets all CRA requirements.

The GCO Payroll Client Service Team can be contacted at:

For any questions, please send or leave a message with the name of your church and ADP company code, and a payroll service representative will respond to you within 24 hours.

The ADP Client Service Team can be contacted at:

  • Phone: 1-877-377-4784 (call for payroll changes)
  • Fax: 1-877-701-7329 (submit payroll changes)
  • Changes for authorized contacts only: e-mail CanadaSBS@adp.com

When calling please ensure that you provide the name of your church and ADP company name to enable representatives to assist you.

Reporting the TWS to CRA-PD-27

The UCC PD-27 Consolidated by ADP (10%TWS) Excel file can be found under Downloads, below. The searchable function on the spreadsheet allows you to enter your business number in the left top corner.

We encourage pastoral charges to use the following reports to verify the data for the PD-27 should you find any differences:

  • Payroll Register: Payroll end date, pay date, detailed earning
  • Daily Update Report: Tax, CPP, EI and number of employees
  • Total Recap Report: Gross earning

In addition here is the link to the CRA site that will also assist you in completing the form, and a direct link to the PD-27 form on the CRA website.

Note: The Excel file you have received from Canada Robotic Process Automation from ADP is the CPP, EI, and tax remittances to CRA for the purpose of year-end reconciliation.

We apologize for the delay and inconvenience and hope this will assist you in completing the PD-27 form.

Payroll Service Upgrade: TeamPay by ADP®

The United Church of Canada and ADP continue to move forward with the TeamPay by ADP® Live upgrade for all United Church pastoral charges. TeamPay by ADP® offers several enhancements to simplify payroll processing.

Information about TeamPay by ADP® and training tools such as user guides, training presentations, training videos/webinars, and new forms have been developed to provide you with support. These can be found on the United Church designated landing page on The Bridge sponsored by ADP®

The same ADP service team will continue to work with United Church pastoral charges to provide support during this transition period to TeamPay by ADP®. The ADP service team contact information remains the same.

Pastoral Charge Payroll during the Pandemic

See United in Learning's Upcoming Webinars page for congregational finance and other webinars related to the pandemic. Recordings of past webinars can be found on the COVID-19 Recordings page.

Pension and Benefits

Information and documents on pension, benefits, and statistics have moved to the United Church Benefits Centre website.

Tools and Resources for Pastoral Payrolls

To assist you with processing your bi-weekly/monthly payroll, you will find various resources and tools below in the Downloads section.

See also Budgeting Tools for Treasurers and Ministers' Salary Schedule and Cost of Living Groups.


Attachment Size Type
UCC PD27 Consolidated 624.56 KB Excel
TWSE-TA form - Managed Services 180.38 KB PDF
Pastoral Charge Payroll Form 2021 899.25 KB PDF
Group Insurance Premiums 2021 96.68 KB PDF
Understanding ADP Payroll Reports 502.44 KB PDF
Financial Handbook for Congregations 2019 Chapter 4: Paying Staff 396.14 KB PDF
2023 Salary Schedule for General Council Office and Regional Council Staff 120.13 KB PDF