Engaging the Call and Vision in your Community of Faith

The United Church's Call and Vision is offered to the whole church as a way for us to reflect upon who and what God is calling us to be, as well as a resource to bring deeper engagement with God's calling within our communities of faith. These words are an invitation to embody and experiment in your ministry and context. How are you already living Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, and Daring Justice in your community of faith? What words resonate? What words challenge? Where might you grow individually and collectively in expressing these things? What would it mean to more intentionally embody these words? Where in your neighbourhood, outside your community of faith, might people be longing for something Deep, Bold, and Daring?? What would it mean for you to join them in their longing and searching?

To help spark this reflection and engagement we offer a collection of resources, tools, and merchandise that can bring the Call and Vision to life in your church and community.

Call and Vision Online Toolkit

In this toolkit you will find free downloadable items you can use to share Call and Vision. Download the ZIP file below for designs of “Deep, Bold, and Daring” banners and signage you can print and share in your church and community. There are also Deep, Bold, and Daring Zoom backgrounds, logo designs, PowerPoint templates, sample social media posts, key messaging points, and more.

For those of you who are preaching, teaching, or leading reflections on the Call and Vision, there is a collection of educational resources available for you to use on our website (see Downloads, below), including a PowerPoint introduction to the Call and Vision. On our Call and Vision in Worship page you will find links to sample Call and Vision services, sermons, and other worship resources offering ways you and your community of faith can engage with the United Church's Call and Vision. There is also a selection of Call and Vision-themed blog posts featuring personal reflections from those engaging with the Call and Vision in their own communities.

Call and Vision Merchandise

There is also a selection of Call and Vision merchandise available to order from the United Church Bookstore. This merchandise collection includes window decals, Call and Vision-scented candles, embroidered badges, and more. See a full collection of Call and Vision merchandise on the United Church Bookstore.

The United Church of Canada is called to Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, and Daring Justice! Share the news!