Job Number: 44-09
Opening/Closing Date: September 12, 2022 to October 20, 2022


We are seeking up to three people who have a passion for worship and the ability to critically engage in looking at worship trends. 

About Gathering 

Gathering is both a print periodical and a worship planning website: The print periodical is published four times a year: 

  • Advent/Christmas/Epiphany issue 
  • Lent/Easter issue  
  • Pentecost 1 issue (Pentecost to Labour Day)  
  • Pentecost 2 issue (Season of Creation to Reign of Christ)  

It is a gathering of gifts from the church for the church, gifts that come out of lived experience. 

Gathering is the pulse of United Church of Canada worship practice and theology. It is grassroots: a variety of voices, a connection with colleagues, a reflection of the changes and evolution in worship, and an opportunity for sharing wisdom and teaching about worship practice. 

The Advisory Board 

The Gathering Advisory Board (GAB) works in support of the Editor and the Music Editor of Gathering. The Board is accountable to the General Council Office through the Communications Unit and the Church in Mission Unit. 


The Gathering Advisory Board consists of seven members, including the chair of the board. The members of the committee will as much as possible represent the diversity of The United Church of Canada, with particular attention to its equity commitments and the presence of both lay people and ministry personnel from across the geography of the church. 

In addition, the following people are corresponding members of the board: the Editor, Music Editor, and General Council support staff (i.e., Worship, Music, and Spirituality Desk). 

Member Skills and Experience 

The following skill sets would be assets for volunteers on the Advisory Board: 

  • experience in creating and leading worship from a variety of perspectives (ordered, lay, music, etc.) 
  • understanding of United Church ethos and liturgical practice 
  • passion for invigorating and inspiring worship leaders across Canada and in other parts of the world 
  • openness to discussing and considering a variety of worship perspectives 
  • ability to help expand our contributions to Gathering in other languages, cultural perspectives, and diversity in liturgical practice 

Members need to be comfortable with and able to participate in electronic meetings. Meetings are conducted in English. 

Expectations and Term 

The Gathering Advisory Board meets a minimum of twice a year, once in person. The term of this appointment is for three years, with the possibility of reappointment for a second three-year term. 

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, please see the complete description, below.

To Express Interest

To apply for this vacancy, please express interest or nominate someone.

All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact Member Engagement. Incomplete or late submissions cannot be considered.

For further information or assistance in expressing interest or nominating someone, please contact:

Member Engagement
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-3781, ext. 2211


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