Your gifts to Mission & Service help the church advocate for refugees, migrant workers, those who are homeless, and other marginalized groups.

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Cover image of "Faith on the Move", the new United Church Lenten devotional
Credit: The United Church of Canada
Published On: February 24, 2021

Mission & Service is often described as the “lifeblood” of our church. That’s because it runs through the veins of everything we do together as a church. If you have ever sung out of a United Church hymnbook, your life has been touched through Mission & Service. If you have been cared for by a United Church minister, Mission & Service has had an impact on you. No matter which region your church is in, there is an organization near you doing life-changing work that is supported through Mission & Service.

If your church matters to you, then Mission & Service should matter too.

Through Mission & Service, we help transform lives and inspire purpose. In other words, we connect action and faith.

For example, right now, our United Church is exploring what it means to be on the move. You may have purchased the Lenten devotional book Faith on the Move or are taking part in the webinar study series, which is in full swing. (By the way, you can still join in). The development of resources like these are partially subsidized through Mission & Service so that they can be offered at a reasonable cost and in many cases, no cost.

It’s no coincidence that we are studying being “on the move.” Not only is our faith always in transition, but our United Church literally reaches out to people on the move. We advocate for refugees, migrant workers, those who are homeless, and many other marginalized groups.

Did you know that over 272 million people in the world today do not live in the country in which they were born? While most people leave their home countries for work, millions of others are forced to leave because of conflict, persecution, and terrorism.

The United Nations reports that for the first time in the history, the number of people forced to leave their home has topped 70 million. Think about that. It’s one thing to be “on the move” because we’ve made a choice. It’s another to be forced out.  

As Christians, we are called to help build a better world. To do that, our faith needs to connect with our action. Mission & Service supports us as a church to both learn and advocate.  

Thank you for generously helping our church deepen faith and live out the compassion of Jesus in all that we think and do.


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