Your gifts through Mission & Service provide food for Florence’s and other families.

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A woman in a hat and mask
Florence Gava gives thanks for the food she received thanks to your gifts. Photo: Zimbabwe Council of Churches.
Published On: October 2, 2020

Florence Gava is a grandmother. She lives in a small community in Zimbabwe where she looks after her grandchildren. Recently, a series of challenging events has pushed her whole family to the edge. First, 9 of Florence’s 12 cattle died of a disease. That meant that less of Florence’s fields could be turned for food. Shortly after her livestock died, there was a severe drought. If disease and drought weren’t devastating enough, COVID-19 struck.

Florence’s family didn’t have enough food to survive.

Thankfully, Florence’s story doesn’t end there. 

When the situation was most dire, your gifts through Mission & Service helped change Florence’s life. With the support of generous people like you, Florence’s family received a monthly food ration of life-saving beans, meal, and cooking oil through June and July when they were most in need. Other families just like hers—7,000 of them―received the same life-saving support. 

Every gift matters.

In Canada right now, COVID-19 is the final straw for families who were already pushed to the financial edge before the virus struck. By the end of the year, 12,000 people per day living around the world could die of hunger because of the pandemic. And the situation is getting worse by the hour. 

Compassion, care, and love are up to us. Together, we can create a better world. A world where grandmothers like Florence don’t have to watch their family go hungry.

Please make a special Thanksgiving gift through Mission & Service to help people who need it most at home and abroad during this pandemic.

View our Thanksgiving video and consider sharing it with your community of faith.

Your generosity through Mission & Service helps create a world where everyone belongs and where we take care of each other so no one is hungry or alone. Your gifts truly do make a difference. Thank you for giving generously.