"This book is about being faithful while wrestling with what’s best.”

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cover of Lesser Evils
Published On: January 19, 2022

Have you ever had to make a decision knowing that all of the choices in front of you felt wrong somehow? As if you were caught between a rock and a hard place? Regardless of how righteous we might feel about our decisions, we choose evils every day, hoping that we are choosing the lesser ones.

The United Church’s Lenten book and study guide Lesser Evils, published by United Church Publishing House, explores everyday dilemmas of seeking the good while choosing the lesser evil from a Christian perspective. This collection of devotions challenges all followers of Jesus to faithfully attempt to do and seek good in our actions and choices.

“We confront dilemmas every day: Do I wear this mask? Do we close in-person gatherings? Do I take this parking space? People are trying to work for good. There are a lot of holier than thou judgements going on these days. We wanted to write about making tough decisions. What’s hopeful about this book is the faithfulness of the struggle,” says editor Alydia Smith.

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“What does it mean to be Christian in this time when we don’t always feel good about the many choices before us?” says Smith. “When systems are broken and we are in those systems, how do we deal with it? Lesser Evils is really for all of us coping with uncertainty. This book is about being faithful while wrestling with what’s best.”


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