Because of your regular Mission & Service gifts, we are able to respond quickly when emergencies strike.

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A man carries a large bag of rice and a yellow house is in the background.
Mission & Service partners deliver rice to people in need in the Philippines.
Credit: Cordillera Disaster Response Network
Published On: December 8, 2020

Together, we can accomplish far more than we ever could alone. This has never proven more true than during the global pandemic. In emergencies—whether floods, explosions, or viruses—the United Church often launches appeals, and thankfully, generous church members step up to offer support.

When COVID-19 struck, the United Church asked members to make a special gift to help those most affected by the virus. Your response was amazing.

Together, we raised over $280,000 dollars to support those around the world who are struggling because of the pandemic!

But did you know that it is because of your regular Mission & Service gifts that we are able to respond quickly when emergencies strike?

There are two key components of responsible fundraising: raising money and ensuring that it gets where it’s needed most.

Over the years, your reliable Mission & Service gifts have helped our church develop a network of trusted partnerships all across the world. In turn, that means we know exactly who to work with in times of crisis so your gifts are directed quickly, responsibly, and effectively when disaster strikes.

Through the COVID-19 crisis, we have and continue to work through Mission & Service partners to help distribute food and to support communications projects to disseminate health and safety information. We are providing medicine, soap, sanitation stations, and personal protective equipment to frontline workers. We are working to ensure that those living with chronic illnesses or who are immune-compromised receive timely treatment. We are protecting children in parts of the world where they are more vulnerable than ever to human trafficking.

Your faithful generosity through Mission & Service means that we are there, no matter where in the world tragedy strikes. By giving regularly, you are helping to set the foundation for a quick response when the unimaginable happens.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your commitment to make the world a better place truly does make all the difference.


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