Day 18: Migrants who belong to racialized visible groups are vulnerable to racism and hostility in various forms.

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SunDo Hyun
SunDo Hyun
Published On: October 29, 2021

As a recent immigrant from Asia, Sun Do Hyun feels vulnerable when exposed to increasing anti-immigrant sentiment and the White nationalist movement in Canada. Today, we may speak of a migrant/refugee “crisis,” yet migration has been essential to the human experience over tens of thousands of years. “I believe that issues around the refugee crisis and global migration are not relevant to only a few countries or regions, but to all countries and continents.”

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  • Faith Reflection: The Bible is full of stories of moving.
  • Children’s Activity: Tell the stories of migration today.
  • Group Commitment: Go a little further into deep reflection on the topic and your own experience and understanding.
  • Advocacy: Suggestions for advocacy about migration and racism.

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