Day 2: Why do binaries exist? What are the impacts on lives and bodies?

Primary Media
community artwork with Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ images
Community artwork at the 2017 global LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit Consultation
Credit: J Graham
Published On: October 8, 2021

Julie Graham was taught to rely on binary choices for understanding the world, for clarity and certainty, even (or especially) when they are false. Over the years, her comfortable binaries started crumbling, and with them a foundational way of encountering the world. “These binaries excluded so many. They erased or denied so many friends’ stories, identities, histories, and complexities.” Jesus regularly challenges our set ideas of who is right and wrong, who is in and out. Graham says her culture, which is also Canada’s dominant culture, has done an excellent and thorough job of forcing Jesus into a binary box. But why? Those binaries make less and less sense.

As part of your 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism journey, join Graham’s challenge to recognize and fight against either/or thinking. Read her reflection in the Downloads, below.

You can choose from today’s menu of additional activities as an individual, group, or family.

  • Faith Reflection: Where do you find resources and spaces to expand your love of God’s fiercely complex world?
  • Children’s Activity: Use drawing to explore and challenge binaries.
  • Group Commitment: While working in groups, remind yourself that more than one thing can be true at the same time.
  • Advocacy: Identify the false binaries most commonly used in your faith community, workplace, school, and family.

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