The "Let's Keep Talking" resources invite members of United Church faith communities to engage in “courageous conversations” about just peace in Palestine and Israel. These resources are designed to help participants move beyond some of the myths, barriers, and questions that hold many of us back from fully engaging in the Unsettling Goods campaign. May these faithful and challenging conversations seed new understandings and new relationships.

Discussion topics include the following:

  • Is the United Church boycotting Israel?
  • Did God give Israel the land?
  • Are Palestinians terrorists?
  • Is the United Church antisemitic?
  • Will there ever be peace in Palestine and Israel?

The following resources offer suggestions and tools for helping your faith community to engage in critical and courageous conversations for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.


These short videos feature reflections from Palestine, Israel, the United States, and Canada, and from different faith traditions, on key "Let's Keep Talking" questions. Select Playlist to choose a specific title or YouTube to view or download the videos. (Download links are in the YouTube descriptions.)

Communities of faith can order free hard copies of the Let’s Keep Talking poster and brochure by e-mail at