The Brave Spaces resources help educators and advocates work in support of Palestinian children and their families living under occupation.

Workshop creators pose in a group with visual elements from their brainstorming sessions.
Creators of the Brave Spaces resources, November 2018
Credit: The United Church of Canada

“Brave Spaces for Hard Conversations” are workshop resources designed to invite and encourage United Church people and others to take action for just peace in Palestine and Israel. They are intended for activists, educators, and advocates who wish to work in support of Palestinian children and their families living under occupation.

The Brave Spaces workshops are focused on the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign of Defense for Children International–Palestine (a United Church Mission & Service partner). Each workshop has both a facilitators’ guide and participants’ workbook. Topics include:

  • From Awareness to Action: Building a Network to Advocate for the Rights of Palestinian Children
  • Seeking Justice: An Introduction to the Reality of Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Detention
  • Stand by Me: The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child and Palestinian Children’s Experiences with the Israeli Military
  • Writing for Action: Letter Writing to Members of Parliament
  • Meet Your MP: It’s Not as Tough as You Think!
  • An Introduction to Self-Care for Justice-Seekers

All Brave Spaces resources are available under Downloads, below. Please note that the Brave Spaces workshops were originally conceived of as in-person experiences for small groups; a tip sheet for adapting Brace Spaces for online delivery is also available under Downloads.

The Brave Spaces resources were created in November 2018 by a group of volunteers from across the United Church who are committed to ending the occupation of Palestine and promoting No Way to Treat a Child. The United Church extends its gratitude to all volunteers, the United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine/Israel, and facilitator Jeanette Romkema of Global Learning Partners for their work on Brave Spaces.

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