Join the United Church campaign in working for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel. The United Church of Canada encourages United Church members and others to become involved in the search for a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis by contributing to the end of the occupation of the Palestinian Territories.
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Seeking Grace and an End to Occupation
A former Ecumenical Accompanier laments the brutality witnessed in Palestine and Israel, while celebrating brief moments of compassion.
Say No to Extrajudicial Killing of Palestinian Children
The United Church urges the Canadian government to take action to protect Palestinian children and human rights defenders.
Stop the latest Palestinian evictions in East Jerusalem
Please join church initiatives asking for the Canadian government’s intervention with the Israeli government to stop evicting Palestinians from their… continue reading
Church Urges Canada to Protect Palestinian Children’s Rights
Join the Moderator and Pacific Mountain Region in calling on the Government of Canada to appoint a Special Envoy to monitor and report on Palestinian… continue reading
Urging Canada to Help Uphold Human Rights in the West Bank

In a joint letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the United Church joins with other leaders in urging Canada to comply with international…

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United Church Welcomes Ruling on Deceptive Labelling of Wine

   The Church welcomes a federal court ruling that finds labelling products made in Israeli settlements as "product of Israel" deceptive.