Loving God,
Give us what we need for these second-wave days.
Give us the ability to listen to the words
that run right against what we want to hear.

We want to hear, “You can meet up with your family members and friends.”
Enable us to receive the voices that say, “Keep within your home group.”
We want to hear, “Soon the curve of active cases will turn down.”
Enable us to receive the hard words, “There will be no end in sight unless we
are vigilant and listen to medical wise-ones.”

We want to hear, “It won’t matter if you ignore the precautions, just this once.”
Enable us to receive the story of a person whose health was ruined by COVID.
Give us the willingness to encourage those who are frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19 in care homes:
Enable us to support them when they risk contracting the disease from fellow workers and clients.
Enable us to listen to their frustrations and fears.
Enable us to find the words to counter anxiety and depression.
Enable us to point the way to skilled medical and counselling help.

Loving God, give us what we need for these second-wave days.
Give us the patience; give us endurance; give us compassion; enable us to share your love for humankind.

—By David Sparks, United Church of Canada minister