Dear Relations,

I do hope all are staying safe during this pandemic time. Hearing the news about finding the remains of 215 of our ancestors and relations in Kamloops, BC is devastating, painful, and heavy to the heart and spirit. As we wait for more news and updates on this tragedy, I call upon all of you, my sisters and brothers, to take the time to listen to Spirit, to reflect, and to pray. Light your medicines, light your candles, connect to the land, and find that place for prayer. Because prayer is needed at this time.

Open your hearts, minds, and breath to unite as the good and loving people we are:


We give thanks for this day and each day you grant us life to walk on this great land, our Mother.

Give us the heart and strength to come together in prayer in this time of mourning, reflection, and peace.

The news we have heard these last few days is of our relations, our families, the children who have been physically taken away from us and who have now been found.

And with this news, we grieve for their memory, for their struggle, for their spirit.

We pray for good understanding, guidance, and love for all our families and communities who will need direction and resolution at this time.

And we come together in prayer and ask for your light to guide us to be a part of that needed peace, support, and resolve for everyone who is reacting to this great tragedy in our Indigenous Nations of this great land.

Creator be with us, allow us to be brave. Allow us to be strong. Allow us to be gentle to one another. Allow us to be humble. But most of all, allow us to be like the Creator’s love.

Peace be with us, we lift up our prayers to you. In love, trust and truth, peace be with us all.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

- Rev. Murray Pruden, National Executive Minister, Indigenous Ministries & Justice, The United Church of Canada

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