A white dove with wings outstretched flies across a background of the Ukrainian flag
Credit: geralt from Pixabay

War is terrible but you find us, Loving God.
You find us anxious as conflict rages in the country of Ukraine.
You find us angry at the senseless loss of life,
you find us distressed as civilians are caught up in a terrible war,
you find us grieving over the death of innocent bystanders.

War is terrible but you listen to us carefully, Loving God.
You listen as we ask the politicians, “Can’t you work for a peaceful solution?”
You listen as we say to the aggressors, “Don’t put children or hospitals at risk.”
You listen as we give thanks for countries that welcome those displaced
with big hearts and open arms;
you listen as we fear for journalists who put themselves in danger
to report the truth.

War is terrible but you give us hope, Loving God.
Hope that leaders will patiently give peace a chance.
Hope that despite the heartache, the terror, and the loss,
places of sanctuary will be found and acts of kindness will take root and grow.
Hope that feelings of revenge for broken livelihoods and broken bodies
will be replaced by a willingness to restore community and to forgive.
We pray in the name of Jesus, crucified one. Amen 

David Sparks

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