Loving God, help us make Mother’s Day more meaningful.

Help us make it a time of generosity through our Mission & Service that helps change the lives of families at home and around the world.

Help us make it even more of a celebration of those extraordinary people in our lives we call mom, who are like mothers to us, and to people of all genders, as well as trans and non-binary persons who offer mothering care.

Help us make it more supportive of mothers who have lost children, children who have lost mothers, women who long to be mothers, and those who choose not to be mothers.

Help us make it more open to those who don’t fit the traditional model of family and feel left out during this holiday.

Help us make it more caring of single moms, new moms, and those looking after their moms during the pandemic without the social supports that are usually in place.

Help us make it more aware of those whose mothering responsibilities stretch across decades to span a lifetime.

Help us make it more loving for those who want to draw closer to their mother and more healing for those who need to keep a distance.

Help us make Mother’s Day more, O God.

More generous…more open…more caring.

We pray this in your holy name.